An iPad application that has been developed to reinvent point of sale general admission ticketing and turn it into a 21st century application, the key benefits being:

  • API capability for integration between ticketPad and host ticketing platform.
  • Available for hire, minimise your ticketing equipment spend.
  • A fully portable and scalable, networked solution that can operate 24/7/365.
  • Developed to communicate utilising 3G/WiFi routers.
  • Capacity to utilise pre-existing communications networks negating necessity for infrastructure investment.
  • Connectivity with BOCA, the world’s leading manufacturer of thermal ticket printers.
  • Able to contend with small or large scale attendances and/or transactions.
  • Simplicity – minimal training required irrespective of the age of the user.
  • Integrity and security – fully password protected with access to functionality determined according to user profile.
  • Rich reporting, audit trail, data compilation, statistics and analysis tools via online dashboard.
  • Monitor your event marketing campaigns utilising the post code and/or the “where did you hear about us” features.
  • Affordability – low cost solution for clients with negligible overheads.
  • Ability to be used as an adjunct too, and complement pre-existing ticketing solutions.