Walk up ticket sales for every event large or small.

ticketPad is an iPad app for general admission events. Being an app it is a fully portable solution that ensures FAST ENTRY through the gates.

An event can be built on ticketPad in a matter of minutes, and the set up is as simple as turning on the iPad and signing into the app ready for sales. One of the most useful components of ticketPad is the amazing reporting that is fed live through to the dashboard. At any point in time the main office can see how many people have entered under the individual ticket types and much more live data.

Cost Effective

Portable Solution

No Training Required

  • Operates at anytime, anywhere
  • Simple to use – No training required
  • Small or large scale attendances
  • Secure
  • Communicates using 4G/WiFi routers
  • Invaluable reporting, audit trail & data compilation
  • Able to monitor marketing campaigns 
  • Rich reporting, audit trail, data compilation + statistics
  • Monitor your event marketing campaigns
ticketPad has all your transaction requirements in the one system…select ticket, calculate total (including tender) and print the tickets receipt.
  • Secure app that will only run on authenticated iPads
  • Collect data at point of sale “how did you hear about this event”
  • Prints to FGL supported thermal printers
  • Electronic cash management
  • Real time messaging with the main office
  • Alert command centre as to cash needing collection at selling point

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