An integrated mobile wallet solution that enables effective customer acquisition and strong engagement through the creation of digital passes and campaigns.

According to a pass, profile and location, which is then distributed directly to customers’ smartphones through integration with Facebook, Twitter, Email or SMS.

Smartphone usage around the world is a reality and growing at a very fast pace. Your smartphone is always on, always there, it’s personal, location aware, creating a huge opportunity to use mobile as the key media format to drive real engagement with your customers.

Increase brand awareness

Increase value

Build brand loyalty

Go mobile, Be mobile

Engage with consumers in real time and based on their location through the creation of mobile
content that address loyalty coupons, promotions, event tickets, gift cards, membership cards,
boarding passes and much more..

End-to-end, Mobile Wallet Platform

Passworks is the one stop shop mobile wallet marketing solution that enables the creation and management of mobile passes, such as digital coupons that you can distribute directly to your customers’ smartphones. It truly handles the full consumer life cycle.

Create marketing content for
mobile wallets in minutes

Create and manage your digital coupons with ease. You can build customized passes (with company logos, images, colors and text) that will automatically work across both main mobile wallets (Apple Wallet, formerly Passbook, and Android Pay).

Take advantage of Native Apps

Reach prospects that do not have your app installed through mobile passes in mobile wallets native Apps. Build marketing campaigns and programs that “live” inside your customers’ smartphone. Once these digital passes are added into Apple Wallet (formerly Passbook) or Android Pay (pre-installed native Apps), you open a new communication channel.

No Coding Required

With Passworks “what you see is what you get”. It is really easy to design a pass as you go. Once you have created your mobile content on the platform, Passworks generate a download link.

Deliver Passes through
existing channels

Easily send the mobile coupons to customers by leveraging existing channels, such as email, social networks, mobile banners, apps, print material, CSV file or SMS. Send the link of your mobile pass to your customers or place a QRcode to get passes downloaded.

Real time content update

Open a new communication channel and start on-going conversations with your customers, allowing to renew, update, and change the content to keep the mobile passes always up-to-date in real time.

Send Push notification

Engage with your mobile audience in a convenient and relevant way. Send messages, offers, reminders and updates directly to your customer’s smartphone, giving you the ability to perfectly time and amplify your offers when it counts.

Trigger location based

With Passworks, take advantage of the location-based technology for even better engagement by sending geo-based notifications directly to your customers, when passing by your store or a specific location. Deliver timely information when it is most contextually relevant to the customer.

Beacons aware

Associate and manage your existing Beacons with mobile coupons in order to trigger in store micro-location notifications.

Promote your App

Take the opportunity to truly have an additional channel to promote your app with the ability to download it directly from the digital pass.

Measure, learn and improve

Real time analytics to easily learn about install rates, usage and what works through our analytics dashboard to analyse your campaign performance.

Save time and money

With Passworks, the infrastructure cost and barriers of entry to create a mobile marketing programs for loyalty cards, store cards, membership cards, tickets, are significantly reduced.

See the video tutorial to know how easy it is to create your mobile wallet content.

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