Value in the palm of your hand with the supply of 3D lenticular products.

Lenticular images are digital files that have been specially prepared and then printed onto a lens material. This material is a special plastic made up of lenticules, hence the name lenticular printing. The image, viewed through the lenticules, appears to move as it is turned creating dramatic animation and depth.

Studies show an increase 1200% in engagement over traditional print

More times effective

Increase brand value


  • Easy to implement
  • Can coexist with existing ticketing system
  • Can recreate as a NFT (best of both worlds)
  • Wearable / Collectable / Tradable
  • Variety of shapes and sizes available
  • Weatherproof and durable
  • Enhance branding of sponsors
  • Drive pre-sales
  • 2D Laminates available
  • 3D posters

Print at your desk!

The team has developed a printer suited for the 3D laminates to enable overprinting of variable data with ease at your desk. Interfaces directly with existing ticketing & point of sale systems


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