Thermal Tickets

It’s simple…We make the best quality thermal tickets.
Any size, any colour.

Our unique position of manufacturing both the printers and the tickets allows us to provide you with the most reliable tickets in the market. Further, our experienced engineers have designed the patented Lemur printing process that virtually eliminates dot gain while providing offset quality results.

Our talented design staff will assist with both basic ticket design and special features (hologram, foil, magnetics, RFID) to enhance the appearance, security and functionality of your tickets

Thermal Ticket Materials

BOCA has developed a series of thermal ticket products in a variety of weights and designs. Each ticket material has been designed for optimal performance in every BOCA printer.

We have a full range of materials including:

  • Receipt Paper
  • Synthetic Wristbands
  • Flight Strips
  • Labels
  • Magnetic Stripe
  • RFID Inlay

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