Customised Thermal Tickets

When you choose Ticketworx thermal tickets, be confident and trust you are getting the highest-quality event tickets with all the features and customisation options you need.

A custom ticket is the extension of the event in the palm of your and customers hands.  Make your custom event ticket design just as memorable as the experience your customers have at your events.

Thermal ticket stock from Ticketworx passes through your thermal ticket printer – no matter the make and model.  Our tickets can be printed using up to 10 colours, using any combination on the front and back.

Let us help you with your design!

Incorporate the following onto your Thermal Ticket Stock:

  • Multi-Coloured Logos
  • Multi-Coloured Designs
  • Colour Advertisements on Ticket Back

Print Options:

  • Many size options available

Thermal Ticket Materials

Ticketworx has a series of thermal ticket products in a variety of weights and designs. Each ticket material has been designed for optimal performance in every thermal printer.

We have a full range of materials including:

  • Tickets Stock
  • Receipt Paper
  • Synthetic Wristbands
  • Flight Strips
  • Labels
  • Magnetic Stripe
  • RFID


  • 7.4 Thermal Ticket Stock (Upgrade to 7.5 Thermal Ticket Stock)
  • Bundles of 1,000 Tickets

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