NFT (non-fungible token) Digital Commemorative Tickets

Drive Loyalty, Engagement and Revenue with Digital Commemorative Tickets

Leverage the emerging world of NFTs to deliver new and exciting ways for fans to further engage with your brand.

Digital Commemorative Tickets become tradable digital collectibles with a variety of awesome possibilities for fans and event organisers.

Our Digital Commemorative Ticket offering provides a number of benefits for you and your brand:

  • Create new post-event revenue opportunities
  • Offer rare collectibles for unique fan investment and loyalty
  • Deliver innovative user experience services
  • Ability to control redemption and expiration dates
  • Fully integrated ordering and fulfillment process
  • Enjoy the benefits of blockchain tickets with no impact on your system
  • Precious fan engagement

House of Tickets will help you set up a link or web portal to promote and offer these one-of-a-kind digital mementos.  Just as patrons can buy souvenir tickets, before, during and after an event, you can get creative on how you want to offer these digital collectibles.

What is a Digital Commemorative Ticket?

A Digital Commemorative Ticket is a one-of-a-kind digital asset, also known as a non-fungible token (NFT). This is a digital ticket with compelling visual assets as opposed to a simple bar-coded digital ticket. As more venues and event organizers transition to digital tickets, a Digital Commemorative Ticket is a way for fans to continuously connect with that event and the memories created at that time. Just as collectible tickets feature custom artwork, photos and graphics, Digital Commemorative Tickets will also be able to take advantage of these features to create authentic fan excitement. These digital assets provide attendees with a collectible for events, festivals or concerts, including professional sporting events, college athletics, and the performing arts. There are many ways organizations can benefit from offering Digital Commemorative Tickets including the following:

  • To raise funds for a particular mission, cause or venue
  • Celebrate milestone events
  • Reward VIPs and loyal patrons
  • Engage with brand sponsors
  • Enhance brand recognition
  • Create new revenue streams


The Magic of Digital Commemorative Tickets

The verifiable digital scarcity and ownership deliver the magic associated with NFTs or Digital Commemorative Tickets.  We live in a digital world and it only makes sense that our collectibles be that way. There are many unique and engaging ways to launch a Digital Commemorative Ticket program that will be cherished and valued for years to come.

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