Pack & Distribution

House of Tickets Pack & Distribution Service operate on one very simple customer proposition: to remove the demanding and costly task of packaging and distribution of tickets and secondary items on a client’s behalf.

We offer a complete and secure supply chain solution for delivering tickets, marketing collateral and other information to patrons using sophisticated proprietary tracking software to enable clients to see the status of every item.

How our proprietary system operates:

  • House of Tickets receives client ticketing data in CSV format including the following variable data:
    • Order ID (also represented as barcode on header ticket)
    • First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Postcode, Country
    • Tickets Ordered (optional)
    • Delivery Method (Standard, Express, Registered, etc)
    • Article ID (log for tracking details)
    • Postal Time Stamp (log of date tickets sent DD/MM/YY HH:MM)
  • A stand alone event-specific database is created
  • Client supplied data is imported and tested
  • Tickets for Pack & Distribution are printed. This is normally by supplied batch file PRN or RDC/VPN connection or pre-printed tickets
  • All tickets and envelopes are scanned/logged for real time tracking by postage type
  • Collected by Australia Post each afternoon
  • Client access to Postage Reports via secure VPN connection.

Importantly, all mail items can include as a part of the ‘franking’ process, personalised logos to readily identify from where the item has come, although in many instances clients have a preference for unmarked postage items so as to not reveal the identity of the sender or the likelihood of the contents within.

As a rule, the Pack & Distribution service is quoted on a per piece basis. This provides clients the surety of understanding the cost base for the distribution for each transaction and the ability to build this into their pricing. However, where a client is seeking a set project fee, we are more than pleased to do so based on establishing agreed upon thresholds.