Back Office

Event Set Up • Management • Live Stats • Reports

View live statistics for the event duration is an industry first for general admission ticketing. ticketPad “talks” to the dashboard constantly updating live statistics.

  • Administrators can view the Dashboard via the web, and can be viewed anytime 24/7.
  • Event build, setup and management.
  • User management – integrity and security: fully password protected with access to functionality determined according to user profile.
  • Analyse survey and postcode data collected at point of sale.
  • Assists in future event planning and administration, utilising the reporting features.
  • Rich reporting, audit trail, data compilation, statistics and analysis tools at your fingertips.
  • Increases user change/cash requirements security. The ticketPad user can send a request directly from ticketPad requesting change. No need to rely on the radio (2-way) network where anyone can hear what’s going on.