Custom Solutions

House of Tickets Custom Solutions Division specialises in the design and manufacture of tailored solutions in event ticketing and packaging.

Via our exclusive sales, service and supply partnerships in Australia and New Zealand with Weldon, Williams and Lick (WWL), Colad and i6tix, House of Tickets can access the expertise, resources and world-class design teams of organisations, who like House of Tickets are dedicated to bringing simply the most innovative, cost effective and tailored solutions to our customers.

Our Custom Solutions Division deploys a consultancy based methodology. Simply stated, this means we work with our clients to establish and then develop products that will positively impact on their business, mindful at all times of cost and return on investment. We believe that our Custom Solutions form part of our client’s strategies to build brand awareness and grow sales.

There may be many motivations for the creation of custom tickets and packaging. These may be practical, for example consolidating sponsor or corporate suite holder’s tickets into a custom book to make the administration of the tickets for the venue and the distribution of them by the suite holders easier.

Alternately, the motivation may be one of impact, design, aesthetics and uniqueness. Undeniably, advancements in technology have made it easier for the events industry to deploy solutions that do not require a ticket for entry. Custom Solutions however delivers a product recognising that often the emotion of the live entertainment experience commences with a patron receiving their ticket, and post the event, the ticket can be a powerful reminder of the experience itself.

Our Partners


i6 products offer an unique/distinctive 3D product to enhance the fan experience, drive new revenue and build customer equity.  These products include 3D Tickets/Tags and 3D Posters.  3D Lenticular products – digitally imprinted with variable data, graphics and animated effects.  Weatherproof, high security (counterfeit protection) and are highly sought after as a souvenir.  


Colad is a custom presentation and promotional packaging company with an innovative engineering and design department, state-of-the-art equipment and manufacturing processes. With a catalogue of proven solutions for the entertainment and events industry, House of Tickets along with Colad has the ability to seamlessly design, prototype and manufacture a very broad variety of dimensional packaging entirely in-house, providing a unique benefit to clients from design through to delivery.

Colad manufacture everything they design. This allows a commitment to total quality and control of any custom printed packaging project from start to finish.

Colad is a pioneer in digital packaging, which merges the power of digital printing with the proven effectiveness of custom dimensional packaging to yield superior return on investment.


Weldon, Williams
and Lick (WW&L)

An industry leader in custom ticket design and event ticket printing for more than 100 years, Weldon, Williams and Lick offers a complete array of custom tickets, parking permits, printing and design services.

From the hosting of world-class sports or entertainment, sponsoring an event or managing an organisation’s vehicle parking permits, House of Tickets along with WW&L can handle any admission and access needs. Services include: custom security printing, sports tickets, entertainment tickets, parking stickers and decals, credentials and passes, gift certificates, coupon books, custom tickets, hangtags and laser tickets.